Despyre Release "Blue Sky" Lyric Video

DESPYRE releases the official lyric video for "Blue Sky." The heavy-hitting, powerful single comes from their debut EP, Irritation (2017), available everywhere digitally via Pavement Entertainment. 

"A soul is never truly lost," says vocalist Rob on "Blue Sky." The song was written to help people coping with the loss of loved ones who have committed suicide. "Celebrate the life. Don't ask why. Look ahead to tomorrow." The group also wishes to offer support to those who battle with depression and suicidal thoughts. 

DESPYRE hails from Long Island, NY, and is made up of five seasoned musicians who’ve been influenced and cultivated in the shadow of the long traditions of NY heavy metal. The core philosophy that drives DESPYRE is the combination of two emotions that forms the basis of their name, despair and inspire. The band’s mission is to encourage those who have reached a point where life has lost its spark through driving, melodic, and hard-hitting music. They strive to re-ignite that fire… Or, as they define DESPYRE, “To have once given up all hope, which in turn motivates or compels the passion to do something profound, prolific, and exceptional.” 

The band has worked to create their own unique, contemporary sound with crunching guitar riffs, pounding bass and drums, and melodic vocal melodies, delivered with a balance heart-stopping screams and notable choral styling. Irritation breathes new life into the alt-metal genre.

Check out Despyres new video...Blue Sky here.

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